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  • Anna Genevieve Winham

Shall I compare thee to an octopus?

Hello, everyone.

Last week you may have noticed that it was Valentine's Day. Usually I write my love poems to trees, but for the special occasion I made an exception and wrote some to octopuses. Here's probably the most famous love poem of all time rewritten by me and addressed to an octopus.

Shall I compare thee to an octopus?

Thou art less legged and have no beak.

So much with you is easy to discuss,

as they have no language and cannot speak.

I hope you do not eat me when we mate,

which is not uncommon with a cephalopod;

this may be due to the unfort'nate fate

that octopodes are short-lived. O, thank God

you are indeed a human in this life,

soft like an oct, but full of bones and teeth,

which cannot shield us from that final strife,

but lengthen years beyond poor octy's brief.

Sea aliens depart without a trace.

Here is your fossil time will not erase.

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