I'm Anna. 

I write poetry, flash fiction, essays, and sometimes other things. I like to share my work, collaborate, and engage with live audiences. I also like to help other people with their writing. Please inquire with submission requests, commission inquiries, essay tutoring questions, and/or invitations to lavish galas. 


Anna Genevieve Winham writes at the crossroads of science and the sublime, cyborgs and the surreal. She is Ninth Letter's 2020 literary award winner in Literary Nonfiction, Writer Advice Flash Fiction Contest's 2020 3rd place winner, and was long-listed for the 2020 Penrose Poetry Prize. Anna serves as the Prose Editor for Passengers Journal, and she writes and performs with the Poetry Society of New York, moonlighting as Velvet Envy in The Poetry Brothel. You can find her poetry in Q/A Poetry, Panoplyzine, MeniscusBreadcrumbs Magazine, Wild Roof Journal, and others. Her prose appears or is forthcoming in Tilde~, Oxford Public PhilosophyRock & SlingParagraphGold Man Review, The Radical Art Review, Meetinghouse Magazine online, and Passengers Journal. While attending Dartmouth College (which was the pits), she won the Stanley Prize for experimental essay and the Kaminsky Family Fund Award. 


My work sprawls across genres, picking up tricks from one and weaving them into another. I'll just as soon spit a slam poem as pen a three sentence short story and leave it in a library book. My background in linguistics, literary criticism, and neuroscience combined with my performing experience gives my work multiple vantage points from which to launch. My interests are the intersections of power, language, culture, history, and octopodes.


I love connecting directly with an audience, whether the occasion is a one-on-one poetry reading or a performance to an auditorium of thousands. I think language begs to be spoken, and poetry yearns to be heard. This has led to my interest in immersive theatre with The Poetry Brothel, enthusiasm for PSNY's Typewriter Project, and a very earnest four years of collegiate slam poetry. 


I have several years' experience assisting high school students with their college application essays. My students have received acceptances from such schools as Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Wake Forest, University of Miami, Acadia, and Bocconi University Summer School.


I also provide feedback on manuscripts for novels, poetry collections, and scripts & treatments.


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